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Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere : Just Add iPod

I like taking my music with me wherever I go. I also like having iPod speakers in every room of my house because sometimes I don't get out much. So a portable speaker system that delivers clear sound, a "maximum" base, and recharges my iPod as it plays is pretty much perfect for me.

The Pure-Fi is good to go; it comes in a zippered carrying case (it's not rigid, but firm enough to provide basic protection) and it runs on its own rechargeable battery. Even better, it comes with an assortment of docking cradles, as well as an auxiliary port, so that I can use any iPod model with my speakers.

I think the speakers sound great - no wobbles or static when I turn it up to 11, and I can easily fill a room with tunes if I want to rock out. Logitech has thought of everything with this portable (not compact -- the speakers are about 4-5" tall and about 16" long) little power pod system. They even through in a remote control.

Bottom line : Ideal for office, for travel, or for times you don't trust the party DJ and need to bring your own tunes. I also use mine in the car for road trips. --E.D. (August 08)

Price : $129 (on sale at click here to shop/purchase

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