Tasman Shoulder Bag : Perfect for Day Tripping
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Leatherman Juice Multi-Tool : Fix it on the Spot

When I travel, I like to be prepared, and I don't let a little thing like airport security stop me from taking my favorite tool with me. I just pack it in my checked luggage.

Of course I'd rather carry my Leatherman Juice Multi-Tool (style XE6) with me, but I know I've have plenty of chances to use the pliers, screw drivers (three regular, one phillips head), wire cutters, and wire strippers during my vacation.

But first things, first. Once I arrive at my destination, I'll need a glass of wine...or maybe a bottle of beer. Either way, I'm covered with both a cork screw and a bottle opener. I can also slice my baguette wafer thin with my serrated knife and cut my cheddar with the main knife blade.

After my snack, I'll use the scissor to remove the security tags from my luggage. Then, a hot bath, after which I'll use my diamond file to get my nails in shape. Finally, if I need an awl for anything, it's just in my pocket.

This wonderful little mutli-tool may look cute, but it's designed to handle much tougher jobs than preparing my after-flight snack. I know from experience that when Leatherman adds a tool, it works. Last time I had a Leatherman tool with me, I used the saw to cut a twenty foot log into ten small logs for my camp fire.

Bottom LIne: A perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything. --(E.D. Dec ‘05)

Price: $93.95

Manufacturer's Site: www.leatherman.com


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