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Lara Bars : Pure Food

We've reviewed LaraBars before, and we gave them high marks. They're tastey, wholesome, and unprocessed. No sugar, no chemicals. Just dates, fruit, and nuts.

Better still, they're chewy---never chalky or frosted or dry or crunchy. LaraBars = real food.

Here's the low-down on their new flavors.....

Lemon Bar: If I could get away with it, I'd eat lemon bars all day, every day. I've tried lemon flavored "nutrition" bars in the past, but they always had too much sugar in them. LaraBar's Lemon Bar is the perfect healthy alternative to my favorite high-fat treat. It's lemony and refreshing, like a tall glass of lemonade, with just the right amount of tartness.

Banana Cookie: This LaraBar is another favorite. I don't really get the "cookie" part, but I like the banana and nut combination.

Pecan Pie: I imagine this is what pecan pie would taste like without all the added sugar and fat. This bar is fairly neutral, so it's good for on-the-go snacking when I'm not feeling like I want the full-on flavor and tartness of one of my LaraBar favorites, Cherry Pie.

Cinnamon Roll: This bar also has a neutral taste to me. I like the cinnamon and raisins, but don't have a real attachment to this bar. For more cinnamon flavor, I like LaraBar's Apple Pie bar.

Bottom Line: These nutritious bars are a lifesaver for me. I fill my jacket pockets with them every time I leave the house. Their ideal for long plane rides, hikes, and any other activities where you might be without food for awhile. I get them by the case!--E.D. (Jan 07)

Manufacturer's Site:

Price: $1.95


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