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Kühl Skullcap : You'll Never Take it Off

The last time I had a skullcap I really liked, I lent it to a friend from Florida at about Mile 15 of the Philadelphia Independence Marathon.

Hailing from Minnesota, my blood was a little thicker than his, and the post-Thanksgiving chill didn't effect me nearly as much as it did him. Then again, I was the one who fell asleep in the gutter (yes, in the street), wrapped in a Mylar blanket after the race. The cap was back in my possession, but my wits weren't, and by the time I stumbled to his sister's car, I had lost my woolen lid.  

Fast forward an undisclosed number of years, and I'm back to having my head happily covered in style and comfort with the Kühl Scull cap, a hat designed with noggins in mind.   The way the people at Kühl see it, a cap should conform to the human head and not the other way around. Thus, they take into consideration the fact that our skulls are narrower at the front and wider at the back. The cap fits me perfectly whether I fold the bottom up into a cuff or leave it flat.

In addition to fitting beautifully, the entire hat is made of extremely soft fleece fabric. It's so soft that if I needed to wrap a newborn baby in my softest article of clothing, the Skullcap would be it. But I'd want it back as soon as possible because I wear the thing all the time.  

When I'm sitting around the house, and trying to do good by the Earth by keeping the thermostat turned down, the hat goes on. When I start my yoga workout on a chilly day, I cover up with the cap. And of course, outside, whether I'm on a run or just running errands, I reach for the lid that's unlike any I've owned.   If it's any indication of how often I wear the skullcap during the colder months, it lives on my dresser right next to my cell phone.

Available in black, grey, navy, and rose, for men and women.

Bottom Line: This lightweight skullcap will become a favorite as soon as you slip it on. --B. S. (Dec. '06)

Price: $18

Manufacturer's Site: www.alfwear.com

BUY ONLINE : Sierra Trading Post

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