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Kor Delta Hydration Bottle

At first I wasn’t sure what I thought of Kor’s sleek, see-through Delta hydration bottle.  It seemed a bit to fancy for me. So I first focused on function.

It holds plenty of water – 500 ml – for an afternoon outing. Check. It fits in the side pockets of my pack. Check. It has a nifty handle on top for easy carrying. Check. It doesn’t leak. Check. Kor’s Delta hydration bottle is also stable on the table.  Thanks to a slip-proof material around the bottom of the bottle, it stays right where I put it!

So, with those essential features satisfied, I looked at design and ease of use. The Delta hydration bottle is made out of clear, color tinted BPA-free plastic. It’s long and elegant, with contrasting white stripes running up the sides of the bottle. The white stripes form a protective brace around the bottle and run along the lid, too, forming a handle on top. It’s a fun bottle to carry because it looks cool not clunky!

The bottle is easy to fill; I just twist off the lid and add my beverage of choice. On the underside of the lid there’s a little window for a Kor Stone, a small piece of paper with the affirmation “imagine” print on it. (I'm going to replace it with a funny photo! ) Now I can be inspired every time I fill up my bottle! 

The bottle top seems a bit tricky, but it’s really just multi-functional.  I can remove the top to take a drink or press a button and the top opens on a hinge, revealing a drinking spout.  Of course, it all comes apart quite easily for cleaning.

Available in blue, green, pink, and orange, with white trim. 

KOR is a member of 1% for the Planet and donates to water-related causes. Bottle is BPA-free.

Bottom Line: Looks great, comfortable to drink out of, and available in fun colors.--E.D. (June 2011)

BUY ONLINE : $22.95, click to shop.

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