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Kiehl's Skin Care Products : Sun Protection

When it comes to cosmetic and cleansing items I'm both lazy and particular. I don't like spending any time on grooming, I don't like lotion because it makes my skin feel greasy, and I'm wary of trying any product that comes from a drugstore since I'm highly allergic to the chemical fragrances used in almost every consumer product these days. So, a few months ago I visited the Seattle Kiehl's store for a personal skin consultation with Kahren, the store manager. She spent a lot of time with me, educating me about the products, showing me how to use them, and explaining which lotions and skin care items would work best on my sensitive skin.

Here are some of the items I've been using:

Ultra-Protection Water-Based Sunscreen Lotion SPF 25. I know that it's important to wear sunscreen on my face every day, but until I found this lotion, I suffered through lots of heavy, creamy sunscreens that just made my face oily and prone to breakouts. Kiehl's water-based lotion absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue on my face. After an hour in the sun, my face isn't oily, either (I hate when that happens with other sunscreens -- after you go into the sun, your face becomes an oil slick). I also like that the lotion has no scent to irritate my skin or my nose.

Lip Balm SPF 15. I always have one of these tubes in my satchel. It's smooth and soothing on my always dry lips, leaving them glossy and protected from UVA and UVB rays. Neither waxy or greasy, the balm comes in a handy, squeeze-to-apply tube. Its also available in tinted shades for women who like to add a shear hint of color while still receiving SPF protection.

Lip Balm. Surprisingly, my favorite Kiehl's products are tubs of lip balm. I don't wear makeup, but I like to wear a sheer gloss to soften my lips and give them some shine. What I like most about Kiehl's lip gloss is its sticky consistency that makes it easy to apply--it really clings to my lips after application, so my lips stay smooth and shiny for hours. After wearing the clear gloss for months, I even broke out of my loathing for grooming (that is, grooming beyond bathing and brushing my teeth) and tried some color. Now I wear my Black Raspberry balm whenever I go out; it's got just a bit of color and tastes like raspberries! The regular balm doesn't contain SPF, but does wonders for my chapped lips.

Bottom Line: I've been very happy with my Kiehl's sun protection items. I'll be packing the sunscreen for upcoming my trip. Check back next issue for more reviews of Kiehl's facial cleansers.--E.D. (August '04)

Price: $7.50 (lip balm with spf), $10.00 (lip balm), $26.50 (sunscreen)

Manufacturer's Site: www.kiehls.com

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