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Kiehl's Hair Styling Products : So Fresh, So Clean

One of the first things I noticed about my new Kiehl's styling products was the smell. Fresh, clean, sort of what I imagine an old barbershop would have smelled like.

Since I'm highly allergic to the chemical fragrance in most cosmetic and hair products, it was a refreshing change to find products that didn't reek of artifical fruit or flower scents.

To call my hair unruly would be an understatement. My hair sufferes from a multiple personality disorder. On a good day, it has a mind of its own. On a bad day, it has the mind of a person high on crack. Then there are the times when I try to grow my hair, and it suddenly decides to be wavy and curly. I needed some assistance.

First, I tried the Heat-Protective Silk Straightening Cream. I was in the middle of a grow-out. The hair on the side of my head was so poofy I looked like I was wearing an Easter bonnet made out of hair. The hair on the top of my head had developed into a matted bunch of waves, while the hair surrounding my face was curling into what could have been attractive tendrils if hadn't been projecting straight out of my forehead. I didn't really believe a little dab of cream could address my hair problems, but I gave it a try.

To my great surprise, the cream worked. The waves were flattened, the sides were poof-free, and my bangs very obediently fell into place along the side of my face. Even better, the cream felt light and clean in my hair. It wasn't greasy or heavy, and it left my hair feeling soft and looking shiny.

Of course, once I'd found a way to cope with my grow-out, I decided to go back to short, spiky hair. Because my hair is so thick and dry, I have to use some type of molding paste to keep it from standing on end. The Creative Cream Wax seemed too soft and smooth to provide lasting hold, but like the straightening cream, it performed with flying colors. I was able to "sculpt and distort" my new cropped cut into a sassy spiked 'do or a sleeker, flatter evening 'go. Bonus!

The secret is in the serum. Kiehl's uses silk powders, soy bean extract, and other natural materials to protect and manage hair.

Bottom Line: I never thought I'd be seduced away from my hair care products, but Kiehl's has convinced me to stray. I get the results I want in non-greasy, non-smelly, lightweight formulas that don't leave my hair feeling gunky.--E. D. (April 06)

Price: $14 (Straightening Cream); $15 (Creative Cream Wax)

Manufacturer's Site: www.kiehls.com

BUY ONLINE : Banner , kiehl's, www.kiehls.com

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