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Kiehl's Skin Care Products for Men : Skin so Smooth

Skin care isn't just for ladies anymore. We all need smoother, softer skin.

My neighbor Tom swears by the Kiehl's items I gave him....

1. Kiehl's BAOBAB Skin Therapy

"I love this aftershave lotion. My skin feels soft and moisturized all day long. I feel like this lotion gives my skin a slight sheen, but never gets shiny. And never dries out my like other aftershaves I've used in the past."

2. Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream

"Clean and fresh. It has a delicate mint scent, but no menthol. So I get a smooth shave every time."

3. "Ultimate Man" Body Scrub Soap

"It's like old fashioned clean infused with a bit of luxury. The oatmeal and other ingredients exfoliate my skin, I get a deep clean, but I don't feel worked over. I feel soothed and invigorated, and no perfumey scent."

Bottom Line: Girls shouldn't get to have all the fun. Let the men moisturize, exfoliate, and feel refreshed! Check back in January for more Kiehls products. –E.D. (Dec ’05)

Price: $25 BAOBAB, $14.00-16.50 shave cream, $11 soap

Manufacturer's Site: www.kiehl's.com

BUY ONLINE : Click here for your favorite eBay items,www.kiehl's.com


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