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Kenton Body Wash : "Smart Body Care for Active Living"

I'm a pretty active person. I run 6.5 miles to work a couple of days a week and try to bike the rest of the time. So, I need a soap that accommodates my lifestyle.

Clean is good. Perfume is bad. That's why I like Kenton's men's body products. Made out of all natural ingredients and nothing I can't pronounce, this manly (but mellow) soap is good for my sensitive skin, ideal for days I have to shower more than once (it never dries out my skin), and it's thick enough to get a full scrub-down before rinsing. It also works well as a shampoo, so there's one less bottle in my pack.

Having used the full spectrum of "get to work and get showered" products, the Surf Blend of the Kenton line is my favorite. It's contains plant extracts such as tea tree, clove, lemon, grapefruit, orange, and lime--all grown in costal regions of the world's legendary surfing destinations. It has a really clean smell, it's easy to wash off, and doesn't leave any residue or an overpowering "hey - he just got out of the shower" smell. Pretty important in the office. I really like it.

Kenton products are biodegradable, no parabens or SLS, no animal testing, and made in the USA. And the bottle is recyclable. All positives by my book.

Bottom LIne: Works well, good for the environment, good for me.--T.W. (Nov '07)

Price: $6.99-7.99/12 ounce bottle (available at Whole Foods markets)

BUY ONLINE :Kenton Athletics Body & Hair Wash

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