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Kensington FX 500 Speaker To Go : Zip and Go

Lately, I've been traveling more, and the one thing I usually regret about either my hotel room or the back of my car I'm sleeping in is that I can't get the sound I want out of my laptop or my iPod. I also have the problem of owning a few different styles of iPod and MP3 players -- and not all travel systems are equal.

The Kensington FX 500 Speaker To Go zippered case is a good option. The small speakers are built into the case, which has a padded holder that protects my iPod. The case shell is soft, molded foam that encases the speakers - so there's no exposed speaker, wire, or anything to get spilled on or poked.

The clear screen is designed to allow me to use my iPod's wheel to control my volume...sweet. It's a pretty straight-forward system and even comes with a foam adaptor that holds smaller MP3 players or the iPod Nano in place. Another bonus: it comes with the required three AAA batteries.

There's one simple power switch; all I have to do is plug in the headphone jack of whatever music player floats my fancy. I even plug the case into my laptop and enjoy the boost in sound. I can control the volume via whatever player or laptop is plugged into the case. There's even a built-in stand to prop it up.

Bottom Line: Kensington's FX500 has a clean design and functions well. I've already put it through the rigors of shipping, a climbing trip to Vegas, and even used it as my temporary home system for a while. The sound isn't as crisp as I'd like, but since the speakers are protected, that's the price you pay for a reasonable travel system that you aren't afraid to spill coffee on, set up in the dust, or pack in a suitcase.--T.W. (May '07)

Price: $49.99

BUY ONLINE : FX500 Speaker To Go

Manufacturer's Site: www.us.kensington.com

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