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Julbo Typhoon Sunglasses : No-Slip Grip

One morning a few summers back, my friend, a lifeguard and hard core paddler who lives in a high rise overlooking the ocean, called me with electricity in his voice to say that conditions had set up so perfectly that we'd be able to paddle out yonder to where the cranking swell was creating textbook waves to surf in our sleek kayaks.

After an hour of incredible, if slightly intimidating, fun, I rode a plush wave far too close to shore and got worked nicely - I cracked the bottom of my kayak and I lost my favorite pair of shades. On the drive home the glare of the sun was a painful reminder of my mistake.

That's why I was so pleased to acquire a pair of Julbo's Typhoon shades a few months back. While I may well crack another kayak, I'm confident I'll never lose another pair of sunglasses in the process. The typhoons fit perfectly, with anti-slip nose and ear pads, plus an ultra-secure adjustable neck cord attached the the frames. So next time I get dumped, my shades are staying with me.

These polarized lenses provide noticeable light reduction and UV protection. They've become a staple of my paddling equipment; I also run in them and drive in them. When the sun goes down I just let 'em hang around my neck and look cool.

Bottom LIne: Good fit, good function; performance and comfort for water addicts.--J. G. (March '07)

Price: $104-139.00 depending on the model/lens option

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