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Joby Gorillamobile : A Real Neck Saver

I’m not a very stationary person. I ride the bus to work, I’m on planes every now and then, and sometimes I take the light rail to catch a ball game. I also love watching television shows and YouTube clips on my iPhone.

But there's a problem... When I try to do that while I'm crammed into a passenger seat on public transportation, I end up with some sore body parts. Namely, my arms get tired from holding my phone up after about 10 minutes and my neck become sore from staring down toward the screen.

Enter the Joby Gorillamobile for 3G/3GS iPhones, the solution to all of my ergonomic viewing challenges. Now, when I’m on the 30-minute bus ride to work, I can wrap the tiny tripod’s flexible legs around the window latch or around a metal pole next to the seat in front of me. I can also open the Gorillamobile's flexible legs into a large claw-like grip and wrap/rest it on my knee.

On a plane? I get creative. I can simply use the tripod as a stand on the fold-down tray, stuff the tripod legs in between seats, or wrap the legs around the end of the seat in front of me---all without pestering the person in front of me (of course I wear ear phones!). Who needs to pay for in flight movies, satellite dishes, or even cable when you can your own TV screen?

I can also use my Joby Gorillamobile as a tripod when I want to take photos with my iPhone or with my digital camera. It's also ideal as a stand when I want to display photos or simple have the screen at a comfortable viewing height while I'm also working on my computer and need two screens. The Gorillamobile's rubberized legs don't slip at all--they keep my iPhone steady.

The Joby Gorillamobile is simple to use, lightweight, and incredibly sturdy. It keeps my iPhone secure in a variety of positions. The Gorillamobile can also be used with GPS devices, hand-held games, and other electronic devices. Joby makes a variety of tripods for phones, cameras, and more... See review of Joby Gorillatorch.

Bottom Line: If you’re in transit and still want to watch your favorite shows or videos (or follow a map on your iPhone screen), the Joby Gorillamobile is easy to use and adaptable to any situation. -- C.H. (May 2010)

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