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iSkin Evo4 Duo iPod Protector : Slim Sleeve Safety

I'll admit I was skeptical about sheathing my iPod in a "skin." I think I thought iSkins were for kids, and I thought they were merely decorative. I was wrong.

I've always used protective film and a thin but durable carrying case to protect my iPod (first a 10GB model from about seven years ago, now a 120GB Classic). When I needed to charge or use my iPod, I just removed it from its case and plopped it onto my Griffen Technology Simplifi or onto my iHome Travel Alarm. Then this past weekend I realized I need a new iPod accessorizing strategy...

I was responsible for the music at a dinner party. I wanted the ease of plug and play since the host had docking speakers. I also wanted to show the guests my photos. The problem: I didn't want people touching (or dropping) my iPod. I needed a new way to protect my favorite gadget and keep it in use at the same time. iSkin's Evo4 Duo Protector turned out to be the perfect solution.

It took me no time at all to insert my iPod into the silicone sleeve. I was happy to see that the port holes all lined up just fine. The skin had cut-out areas to accommodate the screen and the click wheel. I also liked the pliable silicone material - it's easy to maneuver and adjust and it has tiny ventilation holes in the back. It also has an adjustable clip - a handy feature when I'm pocket-free but want my iPod close to me. The clip can be removed and replaced with a protective patch so that my iPod stays fully covered.

Next, I attached the visor, a hard-shell protective guard that has a clear window that covers my iPod screen. Because the sleeve moves a bit, it took me a couple of tries to find the best fit with the visor. Then I was good to go.

Once I arrived at the party, I scrolled up a photo album with lots of photos of my host (ok, the host was my boyfriend!) and let his friends pass it around. I have NEVER let anyone touch my iPod, but it was so protected that I didn't think twice. No fingerprints, and if someone had dropped it the silicone casing seemed to provide a nice dense crush zone!

Just before we sat down for dinner I folded back the bottom flap of the iSkin and placed it into the speaker dock. No problem. It fit! My eclectic play list of folk tunes, 70s hits, and 80s rock was a huge hit.

Available in a variety of visor colors, with clear "skin" and belt clip. iSkin also makes products for the iPod Nano, the iTouch, the iPad, the iPhone, and for other hand-held devices, such as the Blackberry.

Bottom Line: I really like being to share my iPod with confidence, and the iSkin is doing a great job of keeping my iPod clean and scratch-free.--E.D. (May '10)

BUY ONLINE : $34.99, on sale for $8-10 less at Amazon

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