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Isis Women's Simplici-Tee

A good soft T-shirt usually devolves from a regular t-shirt, formed after countless washings and  too many wears, ending up as an  around-the-house-only top. The Isis Women’s Simplici-Tee captures the supremely soft feeling of an old T-shirt, but performs like a technical tee. Better still, it looks like sportswear, so I can exercise in total comfort from home to trail and back and while looking totally put-together.

I knew that the Isis Simplici-Tee and I were going to get along beautifully the moment I first felt the fabric. I love soft fabrics and shy away from any workout clothes that might be uncomfortable against my skin, despite how well they may perform.  During the first week I of testing the Simplici-Tee I ended up wearing it over and over because it worked well for so many different activities and was so comfortable.

On a weekend climbing trip to the City of Rocks, Idaho, I had to layer up at camp as the sun went down and the temps dropped down to the 20s. I wore the Isis Simplici-Tee to bed under a long-sleeve shirt, fleece, and down jacket because it was just as comfortable as a pajama shirt, and I knew it would help keep my core dry and warm throughout the night. In the morning, I was able to ditch the bulky layers as the sun came up, but I kept the Simplici-Tee on for my day ahead of climbing. The tee kept up with me during strenuous moves and fickle temperature changes. At the end of the day, the Isis Simplici-Tee  was still fresh and dry.

The Isis Simplici-Tee’s fabric is made from DriRelease, a wonder-blend of synthetic and natural fibers and is lightweight, wicking, wrinkle-resistant, and motion-friendly. It also provides UPF 30+ sun protection. This versatile T-shirt even resists smells, thanks to its FreshGuard odor-neutralizing technology, even after a two-day climbing trip. Combined with the tee’s easy, elegant styling, I continued to be won over by the Simplici-Tee once I got home and switched gears to mountain bike rides and trail runs during the work week. With a modest v-neck, techy-fabric-in-disguise, a svelte cut, and a pretty pattern of seams on the back of the tee, I could leave for a run directly from the office and know that I looked presentable. During these highly aerobic activities, the featherweight fabric breathed and wicked like a dream. I already know that my Simplici-Tee will be with me on my next travel adventure, since it packs well, works well, and looks great.

The Isis Women’s Simplici-Tee is available for women in Lollipop, Watermelon, Mulberry, Breakwater, Ocean, Sea Salt, and Sea Salt Fiesta (lots of color choices!) in sizes XS to XL. I found it to fit true to size with a slender but relaxed fit, and hip-length hem (I’m 5’4”). I loved the Mulberry color, a deep eggplant that went with a lot of my grey, blue, and black bottoms.

Bottom Line:  A multi-purpose technical tee that’s good at everything and supremely comfortable. —L.S. (May ‘12)

BUY ONLINE : $49, shop at Altrec.

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