Osprey Switch 18 : A Pack for Every Season
When you need to carry a lot of gear, but don't want a large pack, the Osprey Switch 18 is the right bag for the job... more...

Inova X5 LED Floodlight : Let There be Light

At the Outdoor Retailer trade show in August, I found a sleek, slim LED floodlight that I think outdoors people will love.This stainless steel encased LED floodlight, which comes with a handy nylon case that attaches to a belt and a lanyard for wearing around the neck, has a two-mile visibility, twenty hours of burn time, 120 effective range, and lifetime bulbs. It's also waterproof and crush-proof to 2000 lbs. I like the wide beam it emits, as well as the one click "quick on" button on the bottom of the light. The light also turns on with a simple twist of the barrel. These features allows three light modes: constant on, constant off, and momentary on.

Bottom Line: Available in a variety of color beams, this handy light has found a permanent home in my pack.--E.D. (Feb '05)

Price: $36-42

Manufacturer's Site: www.inovalight.com


The seven highest peaks of the seven continents include:

1) Mount Everest (Asia)-29,035 ft/8850 m

2) Aconcagua (South America)-22, 841ft/6962m

3) Mount McKinley (North America)-20,320ft/6194m

4) Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa)-19,563ft/5963m;

5) Mount Elbrus (Europe)-18,481ft/5633m

6) Puncak Jaya (Australia/Oceania)-16,502ft/5030m

7) Vinson Massif (Antarctica)-16,066/4897m

Source: Peakware World Mountain Encyclopedia