Osprey Switch 18 : A Pack for Every Season
When you need to carry a lot of gear, but don't want a large pack, the Osprey Switch 18 is the right bag for the job...more...

Inova 24/7 LED Multi-Function Light : Keep a Light On

I love this versatile light. You can wear it as a headlamp, wear it around your neck with a lanyard, mount it on a wall, or mount it magnetically to any metal object. I guess that's why Inova calls it "the swiss army knife of flashlights." The light pivots 90 degrees and has eight different lighting functions, including: low power white, high power white, signal strobe, s.o.s. signal, 3-color distress strobe, 2-color emergency beacon, night vision red, and a locator beacon. It's waterproof, the LED bulbs will last a lifetime, and it emits up to 2-mile signal visibility. It's lithium battery has up to 15,000 hours of power. I keep one in my car, and another on my fridge.

Bottom Line: If you're looking for an all-purpose light that simple to operate, this is it.--E.D.

Price: $47.00

Manufacturer's Site: www.inovalight.com


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