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Innate Caravan Compartments

With airlines charging $25 to check luggage, I’ve become a much better packer so I can travel with only a carryon bag. Innate’s Caravan Compartments have helped me pack smaller and smarter.

Made out of recycled and repurposed materials that are bonded rather than stitched, with coated zippers, the Caravan Compartment cubes were designed to be “weatherproof.”  Each cube – there are three sizes – has a window on the front so I can see what’s inside. The windows aren’t crystal clear, but I’ve used the small pouch for my carry-on toiletries bag several times and never had a problem going through airport security. Each bag has a small handle that lies flat when not in use. Zipper pulls make it easy to access the bags when I’m in a rush.

Because the Caravan Compartment cubes are highly resistant to water (I’m assuming they’re not technically waterproof or they’d be labeled as such), they’re ideal for travel and still sized to fit in backpacks, too.  They did a great job of keeping my clothes dry when I got soaked during a less-than-five-minute dash in the pouring Minnesota rain to get to my accommodations. My daypack and wheeled suitcase were damp on the inside, but no moisture got through my Caravan Compartments. 

Over the years I’ve used a variety of packing cubes, and I really like the Caravan Compartments because of the added protection against nasty weather. The small bag is ideal for a few changes of underwear and socks, plus my iPod when I’m just wearing a daypack for an overnight or weekend trip. I like not having to worry about electronics getting wet if I’m trekking around for long days and want (or need) to have all my things with me. I also appreciate how thin and lightweight these cubes are; I don’t feel like I’m adding extra weight and volume to my suitcase.

Traditionally, I’ve been a terrible packer. I wait until the last minute, throw everything into a suitcase, and then wrestle with the bag to get it shut. I still wait to the last minute, but now I pack with purpose.  My skirts, pants, and exercise outfit go in the big cube; shirts,  underwear, and socks go in the medium cube; and toiletries go in the small bag.  Because I can’t over stuff the cubes if I want them to fit into my carry-on bag, I’m forced to carefully consider every item I pack.  It’s helped me learn to travel with much less!

It’s so nice to arrive at my destination and know exactly where to find what I need and know that my clothes will be dry no matter what the weather  (or my shampoo) does. On my last trip my deodorant and shampoo leaked (because something always leaks), but luckily, both were in a Caravan Compartment so nothing leaked out of the cube into my suitcase.

Caravan Compartments can be purchased individually or as a set (small = green, medium = red, large = blue). $21 S, $25 M, $32 L (Canadian dollar prices).

Bottom Line: These colorful cubes keep my clothes dry and help me stay organized.-E.D. (April 2012)

BUY ONLINE: $21-32, on sale for less at Amazon.


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