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Incipio QuickCheck TSA Friendly Nylon Case (for MacBook & MacBook Pro)

I want all the protection I can get for my laptop, so I always pack it in a protective sleeve or case.  However, I dread the inevitable fuss I encounter at airport security.  Who needs one more bag to open? With Incipio’s QuickCheck TSA Friendly Nylon Case, I get added piece of mind in a protective shell I don’t have to remove for the x-ray machine.

The QuickCheck TSA Friendly Nylon Case is a snap to use.  I just insert my computer (in my case, a MacBook Pro 13”), and press the top flap closed (it seals with a strip of Velcro-like material that runs almost the length of the case).  That’s it.  When I get to airport security, I can send my laptop through the x-ray in its protective case.  I like that! 

The case is intentionally minimal, with only a thin, flat sleeve on the front that can hold a credit card or driver’s license.  I like the envelope-style design and the diagonal pattern in the black nylon material. The contrast stitching is also a nice touch, giving the sleeve a slightly rugged look.  (Click for larger image.)

The QuickCheck TSA Friendly Nylon Case has an inner shell made out of a semi-rigid material on the back and sides of the case.  All sides of the case, except the top flap, have light padding between the shell and the nylon exterior.  I really like using a firm case like this because I’m more worried about impact than scratches; I feel like semi-rigid cases provide more protection against the bumps my bag will encounter when traveling.

Since I have a 13” computer and many laptop bags and backpacks are designed for 15” computers, using the QuickCheck TSA Friendly Nylon Case is also a great way for me to prevent my laptop from sliding around inside a bigger bag. The case has a removable shoulder strap, although I almost never use it.  But, for traveling light, like trips across the street to work at my neighborhood coffee shop, it’s ideal.

Bottom Line: A great option for travelers who want a bit more protection and one less bag to open at airport security.—E.D. (Oct 2011)

BUY ONLINE: $44.99, 13" case, on sale for 26.99 at Amazon. Click for 15" case.


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