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In paddling circles, Eric Stiller is a local legend. He's the founder of the Manhattan Kayak Co. and the author of Keep Australia on Your Left , the saga of his attempt to paddle around Oz.

We met more than a decade ago during a 32-mile race around Manhattan and we've been friends ever since. I caught up with the muscular, hyper-kinetic fitness instructor on the banks of the Hudson this July 4th, and had an interesting conversation with him about some nutrition products from Ignite Naturals that helped him regain and maintain his high-octane exercise business.

He told me that just months before his joints had creaked and injuries that that should have healed in days lingered for weeks or longer. His customary two cups of coffee in the morning doubled and he often had to resort to triple espressos to get through the afternoon exercise class he led in Central Park. Then he discovered an all-natural -- and he stressed all -- nutritional supplement made by Ignite Naturals.  Before he could say "hormone-free high glycoprotein egg albumin," Stiller was back in the game in a big way.

It all sounded good to me. I'd been nursing chronically sore elbows. Worse, each morning after a hard session I staggered out of bed feeling like a senior citizen who'd slept on a folding cot.  In other words, I was listening hard as Eric explained that Ignite Naturals is designed to provide quick post-workout recovery, essential for all athletes but especially for those who've said sayonara to their 40's. My comrade in sore arms was tossing around phrases like" poor cell function," "accumulation of metabolic waste," "bio active proteins," "electron transfer" and more. It was enough to make my mitochondria swim.

I went home and ordered the three products he recommended -- I.N. Extreme Energy, GSH Ignite, and Adrenal Reboot. Lo and behold, over the course of several weeks I began noticing increased vigor during that tough first hour after waking.  My elbows felt far less achy, and the numbness I experienced in my right hand when I paddled in rough water virtually disappeared - a benefit that more than made up for the fact that these all-natural supplement taste, well, all natural (read:  they're unsweetened).

Ignite Naturals is a member of 1% for the Planet.

Bottom LIne: The powered products which I mixed with water and consumed before and after workouts may be tough to swallow initially, but over time I felt less of a post-workout crash, nagging injuries receded, and my recovery time after a hard workout seemed faster.--J.G. (Oct '10)

BUY ONLINE : $39.95-59.95

Manufacturer's Site: www.ignitenaturals.com

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