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Ibex Stretch Liner Glove : A Unisex Multi-Purpose Merino Glove

The minute I saw Ibex's merino wool Stretch Liner Glove, I knew it was for me!

It's slim and elegant, with a contoured fit that hugs my hand. This ultra thin, utlra soft merino wool glove is also cleverly cut long through the wrist to provide great coverage and still fit easily under my jacket sleeve. Because it doesn't have a ribbed band around the wrist, the Stretch Liner Glove fits well under another glove. Thanks to the tapered style there's no bunching.

Ibex's Stretch Liner Glove makes in ideal liner because it's so warm for such a thin layer of merino wool. However, I wear them most often alone, as training gloves during power walks in 25-35 degree weather. I normally heat up very fast when I'm exercising and end up carrying my gloves, so I like that these gloves are so effective at regulating my temperature and wicking away moisture that I can leave them on for the duration of my outing. If they stay on my hands, I won't loose them!

Available in unisex sizes XS-XL, in Black and Titanium. I have big hands and long fingers and usually wear a size L or 8 in women's loves. I tested a size S in the Ibex Stretch Liner glove and found a perfect fit.

Bottom LIne: I love these gloves. They're ideal for exercise but don't look sporty so they do double duty as my every day gloves.--E.D. (Dec '10)

BUY ONLINE : $25, now on sale at Altrec. Shop at REI.

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