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Ibex Shak Lite Hoody : The Right Fit for All Seasons

You might think that summer isn't the time for wool. You'd be wrong.

What about covering up at night at the beach? What about staying warm when you're camping? What about needing a cozy top layer after your early morning yoga class or run? Wearing a lightweight wool jacket is just the ticket when you need warmth, breathability, and temperature control.

Even when we have 70-75 degree days here in Seattle, I often find myself wearing my merino wool Ibex Shak Lite Hoody at night. Once the sun goes down, there's a cool breeze that's just a bit too cold for short sleeves. I wear it when I hang out with my boyfriend at the park late at night, watching the ferries and other boats crisscross the bay. I also like to stash this jacket in my bag in case I get cold when I'm out and about town or spending time outdoors on the park trails near Lake Washington.

The Ibex Shak Lite Hoody is made out of a thin midweight wool that's smooth, durable, and has a bit of stretch in it. I'm not usually a fan of semi-fitted jackets because I'm very tall and a bit top heavy, but I've received so many compliments on this jacket that I guess I need to reconsider what I think looks good on me!

I like the reinforced, wide cuffs on the sleeves, which make the jacket feel substantial. I also like the snug-fitting hood, which I end up wearing all the time because my ears get cold easily. Finally, I like the kangaroo-style open side pockets because they give this fitted jacket a casual look that reminds me of the hooded sweatshirts I wore as a kid.

Of course, the benefits of merino wool are the main reason I wear this jacket. It's warm, but also breathable so I don't get too hot when I wear it in 50-60 degree temps and I'll be able to exercise in it during fall and spring. Because of its breathability and wicking properties, I can wear it year round as a jacket or as a middle layer under a rain or wind shell in winter. It's nice having so much versatility in a jacket.

Available in women's sizes S-L, colors: Nori, Galaxy (pictured here), and Salsa. Ibex also makes the Shak Lite in a full-zip jacket (w/o hood) and half-zip top for men.

Bottom Line: This is a well-made jacket with top quality wool. It's the type of jacket I'll use for years to come -- as a cover up in warm weather and as a mid-layer for cold weather workouts.--E.D. (July '10)

BUY ONLINE : $135, click for free shipping at altre , click to shop at backcountry .

Manufacturer's Site:  www.ibexwear.com

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