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Ibex Kilometer Glove : Lightweight Wool Warmth

I'm the type of person who has a different glove for almost everything I do. I have ski gloves for tackling fresh powder, weatherproof gloves for cycling Portland's rainy streets, and gardening gloves for muddy planting sessions.

Lately, as I've become more aware of how my consumer habits affect the planet, I've become a huge fan of wool. It performs well in wet and cold conditions, but unlike petroleum-based synthetics, it’s a renewable resource.

I was pleased to discover that Ibex, one of my favorite outdoor apparel companies, makes gloves that stand up to the elements. The water- and wind-resistant Kilometer Glove is marketed as a winter glove, but I think it's more of a three-season glove.

I've used the Kilometer glove while generating some serious body heat – cross country skiing and snow shoeing, as well as biking to work – and it's performed well. Its super soft merino liner feels good against my skin. The leather lining on the palm of the glove grips well to my handlebars and ski poles. Long, but tight wristbands keep the cold out. Plus, the wool liner wicks and dries quickly. I also like that these gloves aren’t too bulky like some synthetic-filled winter gloves.

I also appreciate the terrycloth nose wipe, located in the space between my thumb and forefinger, which comes in pretty handy in cold weather.

The unisex Kilometer glove is available in black.

Bottom Line: A tough cold-weather glove for heart-thumping activities.--B.B. (Feb 08)

Price: $55

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