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Helly Hansen Grafton Sou'wester Hat : For Urban Hikers

Here in Seattle we don't carry umbrellas; tourists do. We tough it out or wear hoods. When we're on the trail, we're prepared with rainproof lids.

Personally, I don't like wearing my trail gear in town. I'm fancier than that. So I'm always on the look out for quality outdoor gear that'll pass as urban wear. I found the perfect rain hat in Helly Hansen's Grafton Sou'wester Hat.

It's not a bucket hat or a sombrero or a baseball cap; it has it's own unique shape, which is rather cute. The brim is perfect. Just enough to provide protection, but not so much that I have to lift it up for visibility.

Best of all, it's entirely waterproof. And lined. And has dark reflective strips that blend in with the black, but still illuminate under light. Very tricky!

Available in black or white checked.

Bottom Line: I love this hat. It's cute, it doesn't look like a hiker's hat, and it provides excellent protection from the elements.-E.D. (May 09)

Price : $40

Manufacturer's Site :

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