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Helly Hansen Stride Running Shirt

The Helly Hansen Stride Short Sleeve Shirt is a high-performance running top that keeps my core nice and comfortable when I’m being hard-core!

I have sensitive skin, which is easily chafed by rough fabrics. Luckily, there are minimal seams on the Stride shirt, which is sewn so that the stitching is on the outside of the top.  That way, the inside stays soft and fuzzy. This form-fitting shirt lies right against my skin, so I’ve stayed comfortable and chafe-free, even after an hour of non-stop activity. It’s been my shirt of choice for Crossfit workouts, longer runs, and any activity where I’m in constant motion.

The Stride top is also effective at wicking away moisture, so I stay drier.  Recently, I wore a black Stride shirt out for a quick climbing session at the local crag, and ended up staying out later in than I had originally planned. The sun crept around the crag by mid-afternoon, and soon I was climbing in the heat of the direct sun.  With a black top on I expected to be uncomfortable and sweaty in moments, but the high-tech fabric wicked away the moisture like magic. I ended up staying out even longer!

The Helly Hansen Stride Short Sleeve Shirt is available for women in Azalea, Smoked Pearl, and Black in sizes XS-XL. I usually wear a Small in tops, but the Medium in the Stride was definitely the right size for me.  The Stride shirt is also available in a men’s style. 

Bottom Line: An all-purpose technical tee for tough workouts and hot days.--L.B. (June ‘11)

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