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Helly Hansen Embla Ski Sweater

The Helly Hansen Embla Ski Sweater is a very welcome addition to my winter wardrobe. It's comfortable, warm, and brimming with ski style; I have to remind myself not to wear it too many days in a row. 

In Jackson, Wyoming, and in many ski towns across the West, there is a tradition known as the “ugly sweater party.” Thrift stores and storage bins get raided for ski sweaters from eras past, and everyone revels in the silliness of long-past ski fashions. The Helly Hansen Embla Ski Sweater won’t be making it to any ugly sweater parties now or anytime in the future because it has a classic, sweet design and is made of appealingly knit, cream-colored lambs wool. (And I love the adorably embroidered red snowflakes across the chest.)

The Embla Ski Sweater is fashionable and well-crafted enough to pass as a dressy sweater. I like the versatility of the cardigan style. I’ve worn it to work on many occasions, paired with wool slacks and nice boots. I like that the sweater is mid-length, warm, and breathable without being bulky. I wore the Helly Hansen Embla Ski Sweater over a blouse with dressy jeans and fashionable winter boots to a Christmas party with friends and family, and received many compliments.

My favorite part of wearing the Helly Hansen Embla Ski Sweater is sliding it over my shirt. Because it’s lined with a satiny material, it doesn’t snag on buttons or cause any bunching underneath like many sweaters do. Since I’m sensitive to wool, an added bonus for me is that the liner takes away any risk of itchiness, so I can enjoy the cozy warmth of the sweater without any irritation.

I like to bring a change of clothes when I go skiing, especially when I know I’m going to après ski afterward at the resort, so I brought the Helly Hansen Embla Ski Sweater with me on my last trip. After a few groomer runs, in an early season sadly lacking of significant powder, I was ready for a cocktail and some yummy appetizers with friends. I skied to the car, changed into jeans, and threw the Embla Ski Sweater on over my long underwear. With the sweater zipped all the way up to my chin, my long underwear was effectively hidden, and I strolled into the slope side bar looking definitely better dressed than my fleece-clad companions.

The Helly Hansen Women’s Embla Ski Sweater is available for Women in Off white, in sizes XS-XL. It fit me true to size. Helly Hansen makes a similar sweater for men, the Ask Ski Sweater, available in Ebony in sizes S-XXL.

Bottom Line: The Embla Ski Sweater is a stylish and comfortable sweater equally at home après-skiing or at an eggnog-fueled holiday party. —L.B.S. (Jan 2012)

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