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Helly Hansen Dry Revolution Top : Change is Good

When it comes to baselayers, I’ve been an avowed merino wool fan for many years, but lately I’ve been reaching for my synthetic favorite, Helly Hansen’s Dry Revolution top.

Made out of a high-performing wicking material called HH®Dry™ (polypropilene and elastane), this body-hugging, virtually seam-free long-sleeve top is ideal for aerobic workouts in cool and cold weather. The Dry Revolution top does a great job of pulling sweat away from my skin and dissipating body heat. So, I don’t overheat when I pick up the pace.

I wear it most often under a mid-weight merino jacket for hour-long outdoor workouts in temperatures between 35-45 degrees F, and it’s just right. For colder temperatures, I’d add a breathable soft shell jacket.

Available in men’s and women’s styles, Helly Hansen’s Dry Revolution top is contoured and seam-free through the torso, with raglan-style sleeves (which provide a nice, non-binding, custom fit through the shoulders and make the top ideal for layering). The sleeve seams are flat locked, so I’ve never experienced any chafing. I love the fit; it’s designed to hug my body but never feels tight because there’s just the right amount of stretch in the fabric.  I really love the soft material and the complete freedom of movement I have when wearing this top. It never gets bunchy or binds me, so I really never think about it, which is how it should be with gear.

I tested a women’s Helly Hansen’s Dry Revolution top, and loved the fit. It’s cut extra long so I can easily tuck it into my tights (and I’m 6’ tall!). I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the longer cut. Most workout tops are too short for me, so I end up with less coverage on my belly – which is uncomfortable and less than ideal in cold, windy weather. I wish all gear companies made their baselayers longer!

Available in women’s sizes XS-XL in Black or 171 Scarlet (which is a fun, hot pink color) and in men’s sizes S-XL, Black or Arctic Navy. Also available in a matching tight.

Bottom Line: A comfortable, effective, full-coverage top for exercising in cold weather. I love it!--E.D. (Dec 2011)

BUY ONLINE : $60, on sale for less at Amazon. Click for men's top.

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