Hamadi Shea Leave In : Like Hand Lotion for Your Hair
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Hamadi Ginger Soymilk Hair Wash : Good for My Hair and My Planet

I wash my hair every day, sometimes twice a day if I exercise in the afternoon (or if nap for so long in the afternoon that my bed head requires attention), so I need a light shampoo that won't build up in my thick hair. I also need a shampoo free of chemicals (I'm allergic to most of the chemical fragrances used on commercial cosmetic products).

Hamadi's Ginger Soymilk Hair Wash is clear, pure, and natural, with a light ginger scent. It's made out of organic essentials oils and plant extracts, and as Hamadi is proud to announce, "Tested on Actresses, Never on Animals." All good.

I love this shampoo, er, hair wash, for more than it's eco creds. It's light, and it never dries out my hair. It also lasts a long time. I've been using the same four once bottle for months, and it's still half full.

I haven't quite decided which I enjoy more -- using the Ginger Soymilk Hair Wash or using Hamadi's Shea Leave In Daily Conditioner Styling Cream after my shower. Before I even moisturize (my face), I condition my hair with this luscious styling cream, which feels more like a lotion or an in-the-shower conditioner. It's smooth and light, and blends into my hair easily -- there's no residue, no sticky or oily strands. Just soft hair that doesn't poof out or frizz. And it lasts all day. Best of all, I get an invigorating whiff of Lemongrass every time I use it. Like the hair wash, Hamadi's Leave In is made out of organic essential oil, plant extracts, and natural ingredients, including shea butter, lavender, and ylang ylang, Mmmmm.

Suggestion: I have the eight-ounce jar of Leave In, and will probably have it for a long, long time. Unless you have long hair or share with a roommate, I'd recommend one of the smaller jars.

Bottom LIne: You could keep using those inexpensive, chemically-fragranced drugstore brands, or you could treat yourself to the real deal. Trust me, you'll feel more beautiful. Naturally. You're worth it!--E.D. (April 08)

Price: Shampoo $9 /2 oz, $18 /4 oz, $27 /8 oz; Leave In $11 / 2 oz, $22 / 4 oz, $37 / 8 oz.

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Manufacturer's Site: www.hamadibeauty.com

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