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Ground Radius Jacket : The One Jacket

The closet that holds all of my outerwear is about to burst. I'm afraid that if If I add one more jacket or vest, the floor will collapse, burying the lady who lives downstairs in an avalanche of nylon and fleece. So, I've been on a quest to find the perfect jacket--not necessarily one for ALL seasons, but just one for EACH season.

I wanted outerwear that worked in any location, from slick city streets to powder covered peaks. Apparently, the folks at Ground, a relatively young company located near San Francisco, seem to have figured out that I'm not alone in my hunt for the perfect winter jacket. Their answer: the Radius jacket.

On my first journey to the slopes wearing the Radius, I was a bit apprehensive since the conditions didn't seem to warrant such a technical jacket. But my fears were soon put to rest as I skied in comfort, thanks to several smart features. Stretch panels under the arms made my pole plants a joy. Ample pocket space (the biggest pockets that I've ever found in a jacket) made stowing all of my accessories a breeze.

Temperature regulation is typically my biggest challenge on the mountain, but the Radius shines in this category. On subsequent mountain trips, I put the jacket through some rigorous testing, and found that I never once felt overheated. Perhaps it's all of the vents incorporated into the jacket design, or Ground's "eVent" 2-layer fabric...I'm not sure. All I know is that the vicious cycle of ski hard, sweat like crazy at the base, and freeze my rear off on the lift is a thing of the past.

Helmet wearers will love the zip-off, helmet-compatible hood, which I used back in town during a torrential downpour. And whether you like rap, reggae, rock, or Rachmaninoff, the Radius has you covered with a handy pocket designed for your mp3 player.

The Radius has another thoughtful feature--removable elbow pads. They're easy to insert into the sleeves if you like the comfort they give you during an aggressive attack on a black diamond run. If you prefer to stow them away, the gigantic lower back pocket has ample room for storage. Heck, you could pack a 2-liter bottle of soda in the back pocket and still have room for the elbow pads.

Finally, for those who like their snow steep and deep, you'll appreciate the (removable) powder shirt, with gripper elastic along the hem. If you don't anticipate encountering deep snow, simply unzip and remove. I found that it comes in handy not just to keep snow out, but also to ward off the chill of winter.

With the Radius, it looks like I just found the only jacket I'll need this winter. The lady downstairs just got a reprieve.

Bottom Line: If you want the finest high-performance outwear for the slopes, check out the Radius jacket from Ground. Pair it with the Ground Skarn Patrol Pant for the ultimate outerwear duo.-G.P. (Feb 07)

Price: $400

Manufacturer's Site:


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