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Ground Prime Jacket : Two For One

“Yeah, this is the one." That's what I thought the minute I tried on the Ground Prime Jacket.

I generally wear my Prime Jacket as an “every day” jacket, and it’s as warm as it needs to be at any temperature I've encountered so far (low teens here in Montana). It's very, very warm--around town and on the ski hills.

Insulated with Primaloft, the Prime Jacket does an incredible job of keeping out the cold. I wore it as my outer layer while snowboarding at Bridger Bowl. It snowed hard all day (dry snow), and I stayed dry and comfortable even when the jacket got wet.

I also wore my Prime Jacket snowshoeing on a sunny day when it was about 20 degrees F. The jacket performed well, but as my activity level increased, I got pretty hot, which makes sense since it's designed more for stop and start activities than aerobic sports. The Prime Jacket is an excellent insulating layer under a shell on cold, wet days.

I like that the jacket's reversible. I can wear one side for outdoor games and the other side for daily wear-- just for variety's sake. I also appreciate the microfleece pocket liners; they're soft and warm.

Bottom Line: I’d say the best use for The Prime Jacket is every-day winter use, or as an insulating layer under a shell on very cold (and/or wet) days. A great insulation option for anyone who's allergic to down. – J.G. (April 07)

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