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Griffin Simplifi : Declutter Your Desk

My desk and office are both a mess. So, I've been working in the living room, making another mess. What I need to do is consolidate my gadgets and cables and devices.

Thanks to Griffin's Simplifi docking station, I can charge my iPod, extend my USB capabilities by using the two USB ports to run computer accessories, and I can read a variety of compact digital media cards, like the SD card from my camera.

With its aluminum case, it matches my titanium PowerBook. All I have to do is plug it in and select the right cradle to fit my iPod. (The Simplifi also works with iPhone.)

I have to admit--I don't use the card readers at all, but it's nice to have a few extra USB ports and a docking station so I don't have to run around looking for my iPod cables. Also nice for iPhone users to have a docking cradle at hand.

Still, it's kinda pricey for my uses (USB hubs and iPod charging). Check for it on sale at the link below.

Bottom Line: Lots of charging and connection options in a small package. Maybe it's time to clean up and reclaim my desk space!--E.D. (June 09)

BUY ONLINE : $70, on sale for $42.70 at

Manufacturer's Site :

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