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Griffin RoadTrip for iPod : Take Your Tunes with You

Ever since my car tape player ate my favorite mix tape I've resigned myself to listening to FM radio as I drive around town. I don't mind so much. If I click between stations I can find enough music I like. When I really miss my own music is during road trips. Naturally, I had to check out Griffin's RoadTrip for iPod, which allows me to play my iPod through my car radio.

Set up was simple and fast. The FM transmitter was already attached to the holder. All I had to do was attach the power plug, and plug the device into my cigarette lighter. The package also includes an adapter for cars with bigger lighter sockets and an extension branch for more positioning options. Then I plopped in my iPod and quickly found the right frequency on the FM transmitter. Viola! And Bowie's "Queen Bitch" came swishing out of my car speakers. Crisp and clear.

Next, "48 Hours" by the Clash, then the Who's "I'm One" from one of my all-time favorite albums, Quadrophenia. Of course, no car trip is complete without a little Cash: "Jackson" and "I Walk the Line." (BTW, if you haven't seen the movie, you must. Reese Witherspoon and my boyfriend, Joaquin Phoenix, are incredible together.) By this time, I realized I'd driven right past all of my errands. No biggie. Sometimes I just have to drive.

As an added bonus, the RoadTrip comes with a home computer cable kit so I can listen to my iPod via my stereo speakers (or wireless headphones). Cool.

Click here to: Download Rock music on iTunes.

Bottom LIne: I'm a big fan of any product that increases my iPod's functionality. Griffin's RoadTrip comes in black or in white and can be used with the iPod and the iPod mini.--E. D. (April 06)

Price: $89.99

Manufacturer's Site:

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