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Griffin Lapel Mic : Now Hear This

When I interview people, which I often do for my job, I like to look like I know what I'm doing. I also need dependable equipment. Griffin Technology's new Lapel Mic just made my job a lot easier.

Paired with Griffin's iTalk iPod voice recorder (see highlight, above), the lapel mic allows me more flexibility when recording interviews or taking notes. Because I can position the mic (it has a swivel clip base) wherever I want it, I get clear playblack with much less ambient noise than using the iTalk alone. I tested the mic with the TV on in the background, and was happy to find that the microphone only picked up my voice. This high quality mic offers both stereo and mono input.

I really like that I can go to an interview, record my notes, and playback the recordings on my iPod or download them onto my PowerBook.

Bottom Line: Like most things associated with Apple products, the Lapel Mic is simple to use (just plug it into the iTalk jack), compact and easy to store and transport, and best of all, makes my favorite toy/tool/gadget the only one I need.--E.D. (July '05)

Price: $14.99

Manufacturer's Site:

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