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Griffin Connect (Mini DisplayPort to HDMI & DVI)

I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed when I realized my new MacBook Pro didn't come with DVI plug. Apple used to include one! No worries, Griffin makes a sleek two-in-one connector that looks great, is simple to use, and gives me even more options for big-screen viewing.

The Griffin Connect is actually two adapters. When they're connected, the adapter gives me a DVI connection so I can plug in my full-size monitor. Nice. When separated, half of the adapter has an HDMI plug so I can connect my flat-screen TV to my laptop. Nicer.

Now I can easily turn my laptop into a desktop setup, and more important, watch my favorite YouTube videos, Netflix movies, and Hulu shows on my TV without a special box. Cool.

Another fun bonus: When I'm traveling, I can show friends my photo slide shows on their TV sets.

A must have for anyone who likes to switch between the portability of using a laptop with the stability of having a desktop work space. There are other adapters for less, but many of them are clunky and utilitarian; I prefer having accessories that are as attractive as my laptop.

Bottom Line: I like the slender black design; it looks right at home with my ultra cool Mac. I also like that its a breeze to use; just plug and play.-E.D. (June 2011)

BUY ONLINE: $39.99, now on sale for 29.99. Click to shop.


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