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Granite Gear Grrrub Bowl : Keep Your Kanine in Kibble

A thirsty or hungry dog makes for a cranky hiking companion, so bringing enough food and drink--plus a way to feed them to your pup--is key. (Take it from me: Squeezing water into his mouth from your bottle isn't as effective as you'd hope.) The Granite Gear Grrrub Bowl has been very handy for keeping my dog energized and hydrated on the trail.

Granite Gear's Grrrub Bowl is collapsible and packable, so it fits in my pack easily. It also allows me to carry just one bowl because it works great for both water and food. Even after leaving water in the bowl during a 30-minute break, the outside of the bowl stayed dry. The inner liner is waterproof, not merely water-resistant like in other travel bowls that leave the ground wet and the bowl's base soggy. What's more, it has a drawstring closure, so I threw in a cup of food before we began our hike and cinched it shut, so I didn't have to bring a separate bag for my dog's lunch. When it came time to eat I merely loosened the cord, and bon appétit--his meal was ready to go.

Hikes are by definition dirty, so I'm glad the Grrrub Bowl is easy to clean. It takes just a swipe with a cloth to remove the mud and pine needes off of the bottom of the bowl. When it's time to go home, I fold the Grrrub Bowl into a compact unit that slips easily into my day pack.

For more permanent situations--say, camping--you can hammer a stake through a loop at the bottom of the bowl to keep it in place. Available in three sizes.

Bottom Line: I absolutely love not having to pack two bowls for my dog's water and food; it's so handy that the Grrrub Bowl stores kibble as well. The medium bowl is perfectly sized for a full meal and big enough that two dogs can lap up water at the same time. --C.R. (Oct. '10)

BUY ONLINE: $19-23, click for Moosejaw .

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When hiking or camping, always carry the "10 Essentials":

Extra clothing, extra food and water, lighter or water-proof matches and fire starter, map in waterproof envelope, compass, pocket knife, sunscreen and sunglasses, flashlight or headlamp, first aid kit, emergency shelter.

Source: Seattle Mountain Rescue and Seattle Mountaineers.