Gordini Lavawool Gloves : Featherweight Protection
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Gordini G199 Ergo Cross Country Gloves : Lightweight AND Warm

These gloves—intended for cross country skiing—are a very pleasant surprise. When I first tried them on I was skeptical. They seemed far too light to handle the kind of sub-zero days that Minnesota was wrestling with most of December.

I used them for the first time on a day where the high temp reached only -4 Farenheit. They are remarkably warm. I’ve always struggled with poor circulation in my hands, and I brought along some heavy, lobster-style two-fingered gloves to save me from frostbite. To my surprise, I tossed them by my ski bag after the first 5K lap, knowing already that the Gordini gloves were good for the long, sub-zero haul. (Subsequent skis in less frigid temps have shown my Gordini gloves great for a full-range of winter weather.)

Four-fingered function

Certainly wearing a four-fingered glove that could handle the cold like the Gordini G199 Ergo Cross Country was a big advantage. They provided greater feel for my ski poles, allowing for a slightly more aggressive and far more satisfying pole plant. What’s more, when it came time to strip off outer layers or get in and out of my bindings, they offered ample dexterity.

Comfort and fit

When I first put the gloves on I was amazed at how comfortable they were. The inner liner has a velvety feel. This soft texture and the glove’s multiple layers give the initial and mistaken impression that the gloves are too roomy for active use. With a leather reinforced palm and forefinger, my Gordini gloves gave great protection from the constant, often violent contact with my ski poles while allowing space between my hands and the glove’s multiple layers. This functional yet roomy feel probably provides air space enough to maintain heat in intense cold and makes for comfort when the thermometer climbs as well (they also accommodate liners very nicely if you want additional warmth). The trick is overcoming the impulse to wear them all the time—though there’s arguably no harm in doing so given their reasonable price tag. Still, I’m inclined to save them for the special task for which they were so well made.

Bottom Line: A smart pair of light weight cross country ski gloves that are remarkably comfortable and  surprisingly warm—capable of handling sub-zero temperatures but suitable for a wide-range of weather.--D.C. (Jan 06)

Price: $30

Manufacturer's Site: www.gordini-gloves.com, Call 800.467.3464 for retailers

BUY ONLINE : , www.peterglenn.com


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