OR Verglas Mitts : Mountain Tough
These mitts are made to withstand the cruelist weater. Our tester Sandy wore them when she climbed Mt. Raineer. Click for more gloves.... more...


Gordini Europa Glove : An Every Day Glove

Gordini is a well-respected, long-running manufacturer of winter sports accessories, primarily gloves but also glove liners, socks, and face protectors. Their Europa 2 glove has become a favorite for cross-country skiing, snowshowing, and cold morning walks into town.

This glove is made of super-soft goatskin that has been drum-dyed black on the fingers, thumb and palm. A synthetic gray material called Microtec covers the back of the hand. (Some older styles of this glove are black-on-black.) A soft microfiber fabric called Hydrowick serves to insulate and line the glove. I like the low cuff style of the Europa 2. In addition to elastic around the wrist, there's a Velcro strap I can use to tighten the gloves to keep out the cold.

I have worn these gloves for skiing and snowshoeing on a couple of fairly mild days. I always carry glove liners and single-use chemical heat packs in my daypack, which I envision using with these gloves when it’s really cold.

Bottom Line: A great crossover glove for Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, or winter streetwear.--C.W.(Jan 06)

Price: $37 (on sale for 19.99 at peterglenn.com)

Manufacturer's Site: www.gordini-gloves.com

BUY ONLINE : STP Logo 88 x 31,

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