Osprey Switch 18 : A Pack for all Seasons
When you need to carry a lot of gear, but don't want a large pack, the Osprey Switch 18 is the right bag for the job...more...

Golite Momentum Jacket: Moving Comfort

I was surprised at how well the water resistant Polartec Power Shield fabric broke the wind. While my walking partner shivered and complained about the bitter wind, I marched along happily because I couldn't feel it. (The collar zips up straight to protect my neck from cold and wind!)

The Momentum jacket also does a great job of breathing to help me regulate my temperature when I'm active. I wore it hiking during freezing temps as a middle layer over a merino wool top and under a rain shell (the jacket performs great against drizzle and has waterproof, sealed zippers, but it's not 100% waterproof) and found it breathable enough to keep me comfortable both going out and coming back. Constructed with ergonomics in mind, the stretchy fabric is perfect for outdoor activities, such as carrying a heavy pack, because it allows a free range of movement. The wrists are adjustable with velcro straps. I like the semi-fitted construction of this jacket; it's a more flattering fit that other, baggy jackets, and with the side toggles, I can cinch the bottom of the jacket tighter if I want to.

Bottom Line: This thin, lightweight jacket is ideal for running, hiking, cross country skiing, and more, and it's an excellent jacket for windy conditions.--E .D. (Aprill '05)

Price: $250.00

Manufacturer's Site: www.golite.com


Worldwide there are more than 12,000 species of ferns. In New Zealand, the silver fern is the national symbol. According to Maori culture,the unfurling tip of the fern, called a "koru," represents the cycle of life and death. This image is often used in art and jewelry.

Source: 100% New Zealand, The Official Site for New Zealand Travel

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