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GoLite Majella Trench Coat

We've had some rainy days here in Seattle which have provided me several opportunities to test out my new GoLite Majella Trench Coat.

During the past few weeks I've really fallen for this stylish, lightweight jacket. I love that it buttons up rather than zips; it looks more urban that sporty, and that's important to me in an every day jacket. The overall design has a soft look, with rounded hems, tapered sleeves, and a built-in belt that ties at the waist (no more worrying about losing my belt!).

The GoLite Majella Trench Coat has a an adjustable hood, but one of the best features of this jacket is its high collar. I find that a lot of jackets with hoods don't always provide a very high collar. This jacket has a collar that functions independently form the hood, so I can have the hood down and still have a nice collar that buttons all the way up to my chin. If it rains or there's a cool breeze, I'm still protected!

The sleeve cuffs of the Majella Trench Coat have a Velcro-like flap attachments so I can adjust the sleeve hole to fit my wrist whether I'm wearing a thick long sleeved shirt or a short-sleeved shirt. I love that feature because I don't like sleeves that are too floppy or too tight when I wear a thicker shirt underneath.

Another reason I wear my new GoLite Majella Trench Coat even when there's no rain in the forecast--it's so lightweight (12 ounces!) that I can wear a regular outfit based on the weather and then add this jacket and it doesn't add weight or extra heat. I love that.

This isn't the type of jacket I'd wear for warmth since it's a shell, but it's the perfect jacket for spring, summer, and fall. I can wear a T-shirt on a warmer day and put this jacket on in case it rains. Because it's waterproof and breathable, I won't get too hot or sweaty. If it's going to be cooler, I can wear a thicker shirt or even a sweatshirt or light sweater under the jacket and not be too hot or weightted down from the extra layer. The GoLite Majella Trench Coat is so light it feels like I'm not wearing anything extra over my shirt or sweatshirt, and I love that.

Last week, I got caught running errands in a fairly drenching downpour, and it was so nice to be wearing my GoLite Majella Trench Coat. Because it comes down to just above my knees, more of me stayed dry. It was so nice to have a hood to pull on, too, because I never think to grab an umbrella or hat. The rain beaded up and rolled right off the jacket, and I stayed nice and dry underneath. I even sat down on a bench quickly to re-tie my shoe and my butt didn't get wet! I used to always buy shorter rain jackets, but I'm now a big believer in the slightly longer ones like the GoLite Majella Trench.

There are pockets strategically placed all over the GoLite Majella Trench Coat, which is another bonus in my book. There are two zippered pockets on the front of the jacket for my hands. Not only are they roomy enough for my hands, but they can also easily hold a cell phone and/or keys and they zip up so I don't have to worry about those important items working their way out of the pockets. On the left inside flap of the jacket there's another zippered pocket that could hold keys or cash. Beneath that is a pocket ideal for stashing an iPod or small camera. On the right inside flap there is another rectangular pocket for longer objects, such as sunglasses or even a small travel umbrella.

The GoLite Majella Trench Coat has a neat honeycomb pattern on the inside of the coat that looks very cool when the jacket is open. It's a nice contrast with the black outer color. The nylon fabric has a DWR finish and feels durable in spite of its light weight. That's good for someone like me who's always going around corners too fast and getting caught on things. I think this jacket will last a long time and look new for a long time because it's well made out of quality material. Fully taped seams.

It comes in black, tan or blue, sizes XS-XL. My size small fits very true to size.

Bottom Line: The GoLite Majella Trench Coat has earned a permanent spot on my coat rack. I wear rain or shine because it's stylish, comfortable, and looks great! --N.S. (May 2012)

BUY ONLINE: $165, click to shop at Altrec.


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