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Golite Kings Canyon Wind Jacket : For Men and Women

My Golite Kings Canyon Wind Jacket has become one of the most useful pieces of outwear I own. It's completely effective at blocking wind, and, at four oz., it's also totally packable.

I used to be skeptical about wind shirts and jackets. I didn't see the point in wearing a jacket unless it was really cold or unless it was raining (in which case, it's also usually cold). How wrong I was! I live in the Pacific Northwest, where even a 60 degree day can feel chilly if it's windy. On such days, a fleece jacket or rain shell would be too warm, but this featherweight jacket is ideal. It blocks the wind so I don't get chilled, and on the way home, when the wind's at my back, I don't overheat because the jacket breathes so well.

I wear my Golite Kings Canyon Wind Jacket most often over a short- or long-sleeved merino baselayer on power walks in temps ranging from 40-65 degrees. It's a fantastic combo because both materials breathe and wick, so I get excellent temperature regulation.

Seattle breezes are one thing, but I wanted to test out the Golite Kings Canyon Jacket in a super windy place to see how well it worked. I had the perfect testing opportunity at Hood River, OR, a world-famous windsurfing destination, a few weeks ago. The wind was so strong that just sitting on the beach challenging. My day pack, which I left on a rock, kept getting blown over! Despite the hot sun and 80+ degree temps, I was feeling chilled by the gusts. I put on the jacket, and felt ---- nothing! My Golite Kings Canyon Jacket transformed my body from cold and shivery to perfectly warm (but not hot). It was incredible. Later in the afternoon, as we were packing up the car, the wind turned much colder. I was perfectly fine with just a lightweight merino tee and my wind jacket. I've rarely experienced a piece of clothing that made such a rapid difference in my comfort. What a bonus!!

The jacket has two zippered side pockets and an adjustable hood. It has a relaxed fit and raglan sleeves, which both make the jacket easy to wear over and under other garments. I'm usually a women's size L, but tested a men's size M to see the difference. It ran a bit longer in the sleeves and torso, and had more room through the chest, than a women's L. I'm 6' tall, so I liked the roomier fit of the men's jacket.

Available in men's sizes S-XXL, colors: black, royal blue, orange, and red. Available in women's sizes XS-XL, colors: black, teal, orange, white. Made out of 88% recycled polyester and 12% polyester, treated to resist water. (See shopping links below - some styles/colors are now on sale up to 25% off.)

Bottom Line: A must-have item for trail runners, hikers, and anyone else who spends time exercising outdoors (or just watching others exercise). I'll be wearing this jacket year-round as an outer layer and as a middle layer in the winter.--E.D. (Aug '10)

BUY ONLINE : $90, click for women's jacket , click for men's and women's jackets, click for men's jacket

Manufacturer's Site:  www.golite.com

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