Everlite Solar Headlamp : For Night Running
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Golite Dakota Wind Vest : For Men and Women

Sometimes I don't want to be warmer, I just need protection from the elements. Other times, I need protection from the elements to be warmer. I'm safe in either situation in my Golite Dakota Wind Vest.

This featherweight vest is ideal for running, power walking, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits because it blocks wind and it's highly breathable. I wear it most often over a short-sleeved tee on breezy days when I need wind protection but not warmth. It didn't make sense to me until I tried it, but there are days, especially during the spring and fall months, where a cool wind can give me a chill but a full-size jacket would feel like too much.

Made out of a recycled polyester/polyester blend, the Golite Dakota Vest has windbreaker style material in the front of the jacket and a stretchy, see-through mesh material on the back. At two ounces (three for the men's vest), it's virtually weightless. The vest has a high, stand-up collar and a zipper that starts just above my belly button and goes up to the end of the collar. This design gives the vest it's snug but comfortable fit (i.e., it's semi-fitted).

I recently wore my Golite Dakota Vest with a merino tee, under zippered sweatshirt jacket for an early-evening blackberry picking date. It's still in the 70s here in Seattle, but when the sun goes down so do the temps. We ended up going on a long walk in the park, and I was happy to have the vest on because it kept my torso warm as the temperatures dropped and the wind picked up. The vest did a great job of breathing because I didn't overheat even on an hour-long walk.

The Golite Dakota Vest is also water resistant, which comes in handy since I often power walk in drizzly weather. Even in light rain, I've returned home dry after 30-40 minutes in the elements. The water just beads on the front of the vest.

Available in men's sizes S-XXL, colors: black, royal blue, and white. Available in women's sizes XS-XL, colors: black, white. Also available in a jacket. Vest has a small, discreet zippered pocket on the back.

Bottom Line: This sweet vest has become a favorite layering piece. It's the most lightweight and effective garment I own.--E.D. (July '10)

BUY ONLINE : $70, click for men's vest, click for women's vest.

Manufacturer's Site:  www.golite.com

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