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Gerber Flik : Handy at Home and On the Go

Since I started testing the Gerber FliK multi-tool, it's slowly become a staple in my pack, along with the other things I can't live without--like food and water. When it's not in my pack, it's attached to my belt as I wander around the house working on my remodel. 

The FliK is one of the easiest-to-use multi tools I've owned, thanks to its unique one-handed operability. That's a welcome feature, especially when I'm trying to hold something together with one hand while struggling to operate my tool in the other. I've found this handy for everything from doing home repairs in my basement to repairing my bike on a ride.

I also like the collection of tools in the FliK, and I'm super excited Gerber included a pair of scissors on the unit. The lack thereof is a definite deal breaker for me when it comes to multi tools. Aside from scissors, the FliK includes several blades, a wood saw, screw drivers, a bottle opener, and a can opener. I'm actually able to access the most-used tools, including the blades, with one hand. Again, that's a huge convenience when it comes to fixing things because it's almost like I have three arms instead of two. 

One thing I was surprised about was that the Phillips head screwdriver blade is completely flat. It seems to have been a design necessity that keeps the unit as compact as possible, but the head works perfectly. I have no problem using it on all sorts screws around the house. 

Bottom Line :  A compact multi tool with a plethora of uses, the FliK is a permanent addition to my pack.--N.W. (April 09)

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