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Filson Tin Cloth Creek Jacket : "Old School Cool"

There's a lot to love about Filson's women's outerwear. First of all, it's designed for women--not tiny twenysomethings--so the gear has an incredibly comfortable fit.

The Tin Creek Jacket (like Filson's Northern Quilted Vest ) is generously cut through the torso to allow for mid layers, the shoulder seams hit me right where they should, and the jacket is cut to hit somewhere between my waistband and my hips (for me, at 5'11", with my low rise jeans, that's a great place). I love the length -- too many outdoor jackets are too short. They just make people look like they're wearing a too-small jacket. They also ride up the minute you need to move. That's no good.

I also appreciet the Tin Creek's sleeve length--just long enough that I'm still covered when I need to reach. So I can chop wood, build a tree fort, make a stone path to my garden, or do any other outdoor activity with the security of knowing that body stays inside my jacket where it's warm.

Filson has done a wonderful job of taking a men's classic work jacket and adapting it to fit a woman's body -- without foofing it up. The styling and shaping is subtle, but definitely distinguishable from a man's jacket. The curved seams on the front of the jacket, paired with the long, functional pockets make this workshorse jacket more appealing than any other similar jacket I've seen.

The cloth is thin and refined--much fancier than my big bulky Carhardt jacket (which I also love, but it's a men's jacket and doesn't flatter me). It's also hardcore tough, designed to withstand abrasions; it's also treated to repel stains and water. Despite how much I love this jacket, I want to take it out to the woods and pound it with rocks (because honestly, I'll never chop wood in it or do any of the other chores I mentioned in it).

I love the forest green chamois lining inside the collar and large hand pockets (like the Filson vest, no zips--these pockets are for your warming your hands--I love that). I also love the top stitched mini pockets with dividers--to keep my pencils and Leatherman tool handy. On the other side of the jacket, there's a small top-stictched pocket just the right size for a small notepad or folded papers. Snaps on the back of the jacket allow me to customize the fit.

I appreciate that the jacket is logo-free, except for the tiny "C.C. Filson Co. Seattle" imprinted on each snap. Makes me feel like I'm part of history. Like i could be a goldminer or a cattle rancher or a pionerr of some sort. Or, just look good walking around town.

Filson also makes men's jackets out of the same material.

Bottom Line: This is the type of outerwear you buy once and have for a lifetime.--E.D. (Dec 08)

Price : $124


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