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Filson Northern Quilted Vest : "Old School Cool"

So, I borrowed that quote from Outside Magazine describing Filson's Men's Cruiser jacket. But I'm here to talk about an equally cool old school item -- for women.

I've always had fantasies about vests. I see women (like Julie Roberts or Annette Benning) in movies wearing thick off-white sweaters with dark vests and brightly colored scarves, and they always look cool, very east coast, and happy. I see ads for vests in which women are raking leaves in stylish fall vests (sometimes plaid, sometimes wool, sometimes puffy down), and I want one. But I only want one that's quilted, thin, and a bit longer through the torso than most of the vests I've found in the past. I want the type of vest that elegant country ladies in England or Connecticut would wear to clean out the stables. Or in Seattle, where both Filson and I live, to check crab traps or walk through the arboretum or visit the sculpture garden.

I found my perfect vest in Filson's Northern Quilted vest. It's cut long (so it hits below my waistband), contoured to fit a woman's body (narrower at the shoulders, ample chest and torso room, and slightly flared at the bottom), and the diamond quilt pattern and multi-piece construction give the vest some flattering lines. It's a pretty garment from a company known for classic, high-quality, no-nonsense men's outdoor apparel.

Because I'm a city gal, I chose the black vest. It's killer with a pair of jeans and my favorite black boots (and when I want to be fancy, my new organic beanie). I love the generous side pockets--perfect for stuffing my hands into while I stroll along wooded trails--and the small snappered security pockets. I like having a separate pocket for my keys and wallet. I also love the straight collar--it's snug enough to keep my neck warm but still allows room for a scarf or neck gaiter on the coldest days.

I'm between sizes with this vest (I'm usually a L, but this vest is a bit big on me), so I appreciate the back cinch snaps that give me a tighter fit (and a more flattering siloheatte). So far I've only worn the vest over cotton or wool shirts, but plan on wearing the Northern Quilted vest as a mid layer for witner. It's thin enough to layer, and ideal for a variety of temps.

It's an added bonus that such a traditional company has made a fashionable vest that's also functional.

Available in Leaf Green, Black, and Taupe, white. Sizes XS-XL. (Materials: nylon, polyester filling).

Bottom Line: This is the type of outerwear you buy once and have for a lifetime.--E.D. (Nov 08)

Price : $98


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