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Filofax Zipped Finsbury Mini Organizer

I suppose if I was busier or had more expendable income, I'd have one of those fancy smart phones. I'd have a contact book app to keep track of phone numbers and a calender app for all my appointments. But then I'd miss flipping through the pages of my Filofax every day.

I've been using Filofax day planners for more than 20 years. Even though they never seem to wear out, I get a new one every five years because I love all the fun colors and sophisticated styles. The Zipped Finsbury Mini is my current fav.

It's a wallet-sized organiser, with a five-ringed binder, flat sleeve-like pockets for credits cards (or business cards), address book pages with indexed dividers, and a week-per-two page calendar. The Zipped Finsbury Mini also has a few blank note pages, an elastic band mini pen holder, and two flat pockets on either side of the organizer (I use them for stashing my bills). There's also a flat pocket on top of the organizer that I use for parking stubs, movie tickets, and other need-to-grab-fast items.

What's great about the Zipped Finsbury Mini is that it fits in my purse and zips closed, so I can use it as a wallet, too. It's been great for travel because I can keep up with my appointments and have all my contacts with me in one small, very portable book.

Like the other Filofax organizers I've used in the past, the Zipped Finsbury is gorgeous. The gently curved edge give it a subtle feminine energy. It's made out of premium leather with a grained pattern that makes it both elegant and fun. I love the purple color. It's also available in black, red, and pink.

Filofax organizers last a long time, so all I have to do is replace the calendar pages every January. Love it.

Bottom Line: This organizer is sophisticated yet simple, a lovely addition to my purse!--E.D. (Sept '10)

BUY ONLINE : $65, only $52 at Amazon. Click for additional colors.

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