Montrail Molokai : I Flipped for these Sandals
I've never been a flip-flops person; my feet slide around too much in them. Then I tried Montrail's Molokai sandal and discovered a whole new type of flip-flop....more...

EQ's Grace Swimsuit : Hot Design, Cool Comfort

After applying sunscreen every morning when I was in New Zealand, the next layer was often my bathing suit. EQ Swim wear has received a lot of attention for their stylish yet functional swim wear. Suits (for women and for men) come in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as in two types of material (lycra or polyester).

I have an EQ tankini and boy cut bottoms that I wear all the time to the beach and to spas. The shorts provide a bit more coverage than the usual bikini bottoms so I feel less self conscious wearing them in public. I sometimes wear my tankini under my clothes so when hiking I can jump into a river to cool down or take advantage of natural hot springs along the way.

I have an incredibly long torso, a thin body, and a large chest, so finding swimsuits that fit me has always been difficult. Luckily, EQ has a few styles that fit me (like the Spectrum, pictured at right).

I wear my Grace suit primarily for lap swimming, and it holds up well over the long haul. It's comfortable, the design is slimming, and I've found that the material lasts longer after repeated use in chlorine than some of my other suits.

Bottom LIne: After years of being unsatisfied with the fit and design of many popular swimsuit brands, I'm so happy to have found EQ. They're incredibly helpful, they have an excellent product, and their suits are the same price as suits you'd find at the mall.--E.D. (Feb '04)

BUY ONLINE: $60.00, purchase at EQ site or at Swimtowin.

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