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EOS Headlamp and Pilot Lights by Princeton Tec : Light Up Your Night

My engineer friend Rich assessed my EOS headlamp and Pilot accessory lights the minute I put them on, saying “This is a nice little setup!” And it is!

First, there's Princeton Tec's EOS headlamp featuring the latest L.E.D. technology-a powerful one watt L.E.D. bulb combined with a lens/collimator that efficiently gathers and reflects light, making the beam more powerful. The benefit to me: it was easy to navigate my way through the dark, heavy forest canopy on a recent camping trip. (Pilot pictured above. Click here for a photo and another review of the EOS lamp.)

The white light has an simple adjustable hinging system, so I was able to direct the beam of light straight ahead or down to the ground (or to my book while reading in the tent). Since my friend Andy didn't appreciate my headlamp at close range, I was happy to dim the light (there are three levels of brightness) when I was near the campsite. The EOS headlamp is also very light and compact.

As for the rest of the setup, I had both a red and a green accessory light. These little lights, not much bigger than a quarter in diameter, slip easily onto each side of my EOS headlamp headband. The Pilot lights are ideal for outdoor activities. When used with the EOS, I have an excellent lighting system for kayaking that's visible in the dark and in fog. These colored lights are also ideal for emergency situations.

To entertain my camp mates, I set the Pilot lights in flashing beam mode, and had my friends laughing and ooing at the impressive, eye-catching sight. (“You could be an alien at a Halloween party with all those flashing lights on your head!” said Andy.) In standard mode, the softer red and green lights are less obtrusive than the bright white light of the EOS.

Bottom Line: This compact, lightweight system is perfect for any outdoor activity during low light hours.--J.I. (Sept. '05)

Price: $38 EOS, $12.99 Pilot

Manufacturer's Site:


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