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Enell Sport Bra : Bounce-Free Support for DD, DDD, etc.

I’ve tested many sports bras in my day, and the Enell Sport Bra is the ONLY bra I can wear for running. 

Twenty-seven years and four cups sizes ago, I was a young woman, running on my college cross country team. I had little “C” cup breasts and it didn’t matter what type of bra I wore. Now, it’s physically uncomfortable, even painful, to run without major support. 

If you’re a DD or larger, you know that compression bras don’t work for ladies like us. We can’t even get them over our heads and arms. Separation-style bras are great, but good luck finding one that will actually stop you from bouncing. Enell combines a little bit of both styles in a bra that’s virtually bounce-free.

The front-hook Enell bra is not the prettiest bra out there, but it is the only one that does the job for us top-heavy gals. It’s got all the features other bras say they have but don’t really take far enough, like actual wide shoulder straps (2”), like an actual wide rib cage band (1.5”), like high coverage under the arms.  Coverage is what the Enell bra is all about. The back doesn’t have straps; instead, it’s a solid piece of fabric that looks more like a tight-fitting tank top. The neckline doesn’t plunge; it’s nice and high for more coverage. 

IOk, so the bra is a bit like a corset.  And it’s a bit tricky getting into it until you get the hang of securing the 11 hooks on the front of the bra. But, once you’re in, it’s incredible. 

The Enell provides incredible compression but also cup space, so there’s room for my breasts (top, bottom, and sides).  When I put on a t-shirt, it looks like I don’t have breasts at all. Better yet, when I go for a power walk, I don’t jiggle or bounce  I can even run in complete comfort. It took me while to get used to the bra—it’s a SNUG fit—but it works. 

The Enell is also bombproof. It’s made to last. The back panel stretches side to side, to fit. The front of the bra stretches a bit from top to bottom (again in order to fit), but not side to side.  So, once it’s on, I’m encapsulated and compressed.  And I’m still wearing the same Enell from last year. Other sports bras I’ve worn in the past have broken down and stretched out so fast, which is distressing at $60-$75/bra. 

Enell has also made improvements since the last time I tested one of their bras (and was a size smaller!). The fabric is different and does a much better job of wicking away moisture from my skin  I can exercise for an hour and by the time I get back to my house I don’t get that icky sweat-trapped feeling under my bra.  Bonus.

The other thing I like about the Enell bra is that it’s available in so many sizes. I have a narrow rib cage, and until recently, had a very hard time finding a sports bra in my size (32 G or 34 G).  I also like the excellent customer service at Enell. Customers can call and ask about fit questions, as well as order a custom-made bra.

Available in a variety of band and cup sizes, in White, Black, Ecru, Pink. Enell also makes low-impact and medium-support sparts bras.

Bottom Line: I am so grateful for the Enell Sport Bra.  Finally, I can exercise again without pain. If you want bounce-free support, this is the bra for you.--E.D. (August 2011)

BUY ONLINE : $64, click to shop at Amazon.

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