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Element Vapor Pro iPhone Case : Super Sexy

Element’s new Vapor Pro iPhone case is super sexy – maybe even sexier than the iPhone itself. 

The first thing I noticed about this little gem is how unbelievably light it is. At feathery 22 grams, it weighs about a sixth as much as the phone it encloses. Yet the Element Vapor Pro iPhone Case offers a ton of protection thanks to the hidden shock-resistant rubber pads inside the case. It also has a screen protector for the front of the phone and a felt glass protector that affixes to the rear of the phone. When I’m driving along a bumpy or twisty mountain road and the phone flies off the dash onto the floor, I no longer panic; I know it's protected.

The high-end Vapor Pro iPhone case is machined from a single chunk of aircraft-grade aluminum. It's sleek, slim, and ultra stylish. When I show it to my friends, they almost start to drool. Rarely, if ever, do I see a consumer product that’s made with such startling build, quality, and precision.

Still, in spite of its light weight and fashionable appearance, the Vapor Pro iPhone case provides serious protection. Compared to other big-name cases that weigh upwards of 60 grams and seem to double the size my phone, the Vapor Pro seems almost nonexistent. One of the biggest advantages of the iPhone compared to other smart phones is its superior design and smooth surface, so despite the desire to protect it, I've preferred leaving it naked for ease of use (and pocket storage). Until now, I haven't been able to find a case that offers a substantial amount of protection and leaves the size of my iPhone relatively unchanged.

One of the concerns about an aluminum bumper case is that it has the potential to negatively impact reception, but Element managed to prevent that in the Vapor Pro thanks to a clever polymer insert that replaces the aluminum near the antennae. I have notoriously poor cell phone reception at my home in the boonies, and I’m extremely paranoid about doing anything that might negatively impact my phone’s ability to make and receive calls. Thankfully, I haven’t noticed a drop in bars or call quality since the Vapor Pro mated with my iPhone.

Another great design feature of the Vapor Pro is that it has enlarged holes around the headphone and charging jacks. This allows me to continue to use many of my accessories without having to remove the iPhone from the case. (See larger image.) The case is on for the long haul; it's screwed together around the phone with miniature hex screws. (A very clean, secure, and minimalist design).

Aside from its small size, light weight, great protection, and excellent performance, Element’s Vapor Pro Case comes with an absolutely fantastic zippered, molded case. Yes, a case for a case. You might think that putting your phone into a case, and then putting that into another case sounds goofy, but it’s really quite awesome, especially if you do a lot of adventuring outside of the urban jungle. Ever looked in the top pouch of your backpack? Mine’s an utter disaster, and it’s where my phone invariably winds up. The pocket is filled with dirt, cookie crumbs, old bits of energy bars, lint, and tons of other nasties that tend to work their way into the power and headphone jacks and speaker grills of my electronic gadgetry. When I’m out and about – on a ski tour, an airplane, or a long hike – it’s nice to have a form-fitting pouch to keep my phone clean. The case is a huge added perk, and it fits my Vapor-clad iPhone perfectly.

The Vapor Pro case comes in a variety of editions in more than a dozen different colors. I’m rocking the matte black Black Ops version, with its orange/yellow antennae cover. But there’s something for everyone in this fantastic product line.

Bottom Line: The Vapor Pro case is the real deal, and worth the price. It's rugged, form-fitting, and super sleek. I love it.--(N.W., Jan 2012)

BUY ONLINE: $150, many styles on sale for less at Amazon.


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