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Dual Power Eyewear : Sporty Sunglasses With Hidden Readers

As I get older, fine print keeps getting more difficult to read. It’s particularly difficult outside in full sunlight when I'm trying to read the small print in my travel guide. I recently found a solution with Dual Power Eyewear sunglasses.

These unique sunglasses have built-in readers. No more switching between my reading glasses and my sunglasses, or worse, putting sunglasses on over my readers.

Dual Power Eyewear sunglasses come in three different styles and all have polished black frames with red accents. One of the first things I noticed was how well the glasses wrapped around my face to block out most sunlight. I love that!

Dual Power Eyewear lenses come in both brown and smoke colors. My preference is the V6 model sunglass with the smoke colored lens because it seemed to have the best all around tint. (Pictured above) Another style (the SL2 model, pictured below) also offers clear and amber accessory lenses for specialized needs. All lenses offer 100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection.

Another feature I appreciate is how the corrected lens panel is built into the bottom inside of the glasses so that no one else will notice I’m wearing corrected lens (a great little secret for us “40 somethings” out there!). The reader panel is specially produced to reduce distortion and fatigue. All Dual Power Eyewear glasses are sturdy, shatterproof and have scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses.  (Available in 1.5x, 2.0x or 2.5x power.)

I use the Dual V6 style sunglasses when I go out hiking and hunting. The smoke lens is great for cutting the glare, and the built in readers make it easy for me to read my GPS and topo maps. These glasses are light enough that I often forget I have them on.  Even driving my truck is easier because the Dual Eyewear V6 sunglasses help me see the dash instrumentation more clearly. 

Comfortable non-slip rubber nose grips keep the glasses solidly in place. The side frames are smooth without bulky rubber grip panel inserts, which I prefer because I usually use a keeper strap; the smooth frames easily slip into them. 

One last attribute: the Dual Power Eyewear glasses also make it easy for me to compose and read text messages on my smart phone! All around, the sunglasses are lightweight,t attractive, and practical.

Size: Fits medium to large faces.

Bottom Line: Attractive sunglasses with secret magnification gives me two glasses in one.--C.W. (Feb. 2012)

BUY ONLINE : $49.95, click for V6. Shop for SL2 at Amazon.

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