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Discovery Wick-er Warmup Towel : Say "No" to Stink

How's this for an alarming case of Seriously Stinky Towel Syndrome?

My kayak club in Brooklyn is on a wind-swept saltwater bay. I change my clothes in the converted trailer of an 18-wheeler that's home to a dozen kayaks and enough damp paddling accessories to keep New York state in mildew and mold for the rest of time.  A good session in the bay leaves me just about as wet as a weak shower, and for the past year, let's say for the past 200 training sessions, I've dried off using the same thick, black cotton towel, which I then I hang over a four-person kayak. 

Now, given the near-total lack of light and air in the trailer, the towel is rarely dry when I return the next day.  As for the smell, well, funky is probably the politest term.  Of course I could take it home and wash it, but actually
I've never thought of that until just now.

But never mind; last month I picked up the Wick-er Warmup Towel. Like a good hard slap in the face, this technologically advanced 28" x 34" piece of fabric crystallized the entire malodorous towel issue for me.

First, the towel wicks moisture from my skin like a kid taking money for the ice-cream truck.  Second, because the moisture spreads rapidly to the outside of the fabric the towel dries really fast - a huge advantage when your thick cotton towel resides in a mildew-friendly environment near the sea.

The towels come in three sizes and are made with material that inhibits bacterial growth so my towel won't smell,
well, like my old towel. (The anti-microbial technology is supposedly permanent so it doesn't wash out.) Third, the towel is soft and smooth and feels great against my skin (much nicer than a rank, mildewy towel).

Bottom LIne: The Wick-er is so light and portable that it's ideal for camping, the gym, or the beach. Certainly it's a must for any paddler who's too...focused, shall we say, to remember to change his towel more than once a year.--J.G. (July '07)

Price: $29 (large), $19 (med), $14 (small)

BUY ONLINE : Discovery Trekking Outfitters


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